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  "Xiamen Di Xin Network Technology Co., Ltd."mainly business: selling jade jewelry, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, leather products, a network technology company, is currently the "meaning rain Jewelry (Hong Kong) Limited" authorized on the network operator ("meaning rain jewelry brand" www.yimianmian.com easy to remember domain name: www.555.cc) e-commerce platform, through the entity, phone, internet combination of the three, high-end wholesale and retail natural jade, agate, gems and other products for the professional e-commerce site, the business use of the "meaning rain jewelry" brand, is the exclusive domestic protection by the State 14 category registered trademarks of jewelery!
  "Yimianmian Jewellery (Hong Kong) Limited"is a joint-stock business, jade jewelry from the three entities to create joint stock wholesalers, in Myanmar, Yunnan, Guangdong has its own production base.
  Amid Italian jewelry business is only natural, without any optimization of the A cargo jade, agate, precious stones and other products, full free appraisal fee. Welcome any form of formal re-examination, is willing to bear all legal responsibilities. Jade long-lasting commitment to fake a paternity ten.
  Amid Italian jewelry brand in a cost-effective quality and adhere to the best, customer first corporate purposes Tsui friends to genuine quality policy to provide our clients more variety, higher quality, better service jade products.
  Italian jewelry brand emerald rain, have the following characteristics:

  1, the Italian jewelry brand rain, a good thing after another, after another new product, ready to show you the latest products and emerald wholesale lowest price! But if you do not fancy a good time to buy stuff, to the people robbed, then the next time do not freak Oh sorry, you know, good jade is not exactly the same, so fancy getting goods quickly get started.

  2, which means rain, jewelry integrity protection of the country and the identification of certification authority certificate authentication, all of the natural A goods, you buy a fake, is not available here!

  3, "Meaning rain, jewelry," shop for business sales are close to the kind of pictures, do not use post-processing computer technology (a simple combination of layout editor), but there are subtle display of color, I hope you intended to rain on the mall's expectations only goods 90%, 10% of the accidents remain good. Perhaps 10% of the accident, and you will receive the goods holding delighted, most people I did not tell him, you know, a lot of rumor on it.

  4, which means rain, the sale is a wonderful jewelry brand protection products, We deal in natural jade A cargo and goods to the 10 committed no reason for refunding, and also accept payment transactions, including the treasure and the kind of flexible payment options! Both old and new members can enjoy all the goods China Post EMS Global Services. Check your mind at ease at home, your stuff to where and when to go to, I believe you will soon know, do not worry.

  Thank you again for rain, meaning the arrival of jewelry, I hope we begin to realize from the Emerald, your support and trust will bring you the best shopping experience, Tsui wonderful, more wonderful person, always welcome your comments, once adopted, to What do you recommend good stuff. Thank you, thank you!

  In order to open a larger market expansion, based on the position of market competition undefeated. Companies adhere to the mutual benefit, equality and win-win principle, credibility first, quality first for the purpose, adhere to factory direct selling price of the business philosophy, and people go hand in creating the future.


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